Eye catching study of surrogate mother, mackerel spawns tuna

In 2007, “Production of trout offspring from triploid salmon parents” was published as an eye-catching journal in Science by Professor Goro Yoshisaki from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. His research is now approaching to the next step – use Mackerel as parents to produced donor–derived Bluefin tuna offspring. The success of this study will become a big hope to release Japanese fishing from the restriction of Bluefin tuna catching due to marine resources protection.

According to Nikkei.com, associate Professor Yoshisaki’s research has been expected to have a big step up as early as this summer.

Professor Yoshisaki from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology has successfully completed the transplantation of Bluefin tuna cryopreserved spermatogonia in Mackerel. In coming summer, spawning and then mating becomes possible, therefore, birth of juvenile tuna is highly promising. We aim to practice and apply the aquaculture technology in order to provide a stable supply by farming the Bluefin tuna that has been recognized and appointed as an endangered species.

from Nikkei.com:

Since 2002, the success of fully-closed life-cycle Bluefin tuna farming, Japanese aquaculture technologies have also been advanced. In naturel, Bluefin tuna takes about five years to become adult fishes, and its body length can grow up to near 2m. Therefore, for the success of full-cycle aquaculture within this time period, thorough management and monumental facility becomes essentially important.

Professor Yoshisaki has his attention on mackerel, which belong to the same family, Scombridae, as tuna. The transplantation of Bluefin tuna cryopreserved spermatogonia in Mackerel, known to be bred easily and only takes about a year to become adult fish, has been challenged. Already the transplantation has been successful, with spawning and breeding in this summer, juvenile tuna might be born from mackerel. Inside story of how the idea of magnificent research was born and further details can be found in Professor Yoshisaki’s publish “From mackerel tuna is born?!” (Iwanami science library).

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