June, 2015

Company Name FUJI KIZAI CO., LTD.
Head Office 36-3 Kanda-Konya-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0035 JAPAN
Tel. +81-3-3252-8515
FAX. +81-3-3256-0889
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CEO Akihide Nakazato
Established 18 May 1960
Capital fund 13 million yen
Description of our business Manufacturing and selling of fishing equipment
Providing layouts and parts for all aspects of small boats
Brokering used boats
Overseas assistance and technical support
Manufacturing and selling fishing line locks
Selling electrodeless fluorescent lamps
Our banks Mizuho Bank, Kanda-ekimae branch
SMBC, Kanda-ekimae branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Kanda-ekimae branch

Company History

1960 Founded by Sadamitsu Nakazato (18 May)
Development of patent products:’Fuji Lock Brass Made Sleeves‘, ‘Kanseki Spring‘, ‘Cotton Armor Spring Tube‘, ‘Fuji Hand Presser‘ and ‘Y-shaped Swivel
1968 Opened Himemiya factory in Himemiya, Saitama prefecture, JAPAN
1970 Began supplying our products to South Korea
1972 Started supplying our products overseas officially to Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Panama
1974 Expanded supply of our products to
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and North America
1975 Started supplying our products to Taiwan
1976 Started supplying our products to Spain and Africa
1977 Started supplying our products to New Caledonia and the Maldives
1979 Development of ‘Luminous Heart‘ and ‘Fuji Thimbles
1985 Developed ‘Fuji Lights (Aluminum Made Reflective Board)
1987 Developed patent products ‘Corrosion Proof Pipes
Developed ‘Corrosion Proof Board
1989 Akihide Nakazato assumed the role of post CEO
1991 Renovated Himemiya factory and changed the system to Himemiya distribution center
Developed patent product ‘Multi Mono’ (Multi Monofilament Nylon Line)
1992 Developed patent product ‘Nylon Taper Mono line’
1997 Opened Taiwan office
1998 Opened FUJI-KIZAI’s web site
1999 Started supplying products for construction and general industries
2000 Technology exchange meeting in China, Beijing and Dairen Conducted fishing tool seminar
2001 Released cleaning products and grease (lubricant)
2004 Started supplying products to Italy
2006 Developed patent products ‘Cross Lock
2011 Expanded our business to India
2014 Started selling ‘Reflective Cylinder
Opened FUJI-KIZAI’s Facebook page
2015 Opened FUJI FISHING DIRECT, FUJI-KIZAI’s online store