Everything develops from nothing to something. Therefore, first go back to the root of nothing.

Everything develops from nothing to something. Therefore, first go back to the root of nothing.

Japan has always been surrounded by the sea since ancient times. 260 years ago, in this country, the tuna fishery was born using longline fishing.

This unique Japanese tuna longline fishery gained momentum after World War II. Fishing was expanded to all ocean areas because the MacArthur line that was creating to limit operations to within 12 nautical miles from the coast was abolished in 1952, as a consequence the fishing form changed from coastal fishing to distant sea fishing utilizing significant developments of the ultra-low temperature rapid freezing technology. At the same time, fishing boats were getting bigger, fishing machinery was developing rapidly, nautical instruments and wireless technology were continuing to evolve and save labor.

Fuji Kizai Co., Ltd. was established in 1960 based on the philosophy that longline fishing is prosperous through modernization and labor-savings with the founder, Sadamitsu Nakazato responding to the voices of that generation wanting technology and innovation for the longline fishery.
Based on experiences and ideas related to the fishing industry, we have been developing a number of patent products and new innovative products.

From over 50 years in the trade, we have grown to the point where many fishing related industry members see us as a pioneer of fishery materials. We’ve been engaged in a huge range of areas both in Japan and outside of Japan including the development of energy-saving and labor-saving products, providing physical support overseas and intermediating supplement transportation.

With the intention of producing new innovations while not forgetting the origin of our company, we look forward to creating further advancements in the fishing field for everyone to benefit from.

CEO Akihide Nakazato