FUJI-KIZAI offers various products based on keywords such as energy-saving and labor-saving and focuses on selling electrodeless fluorescent lamps (EFL) that is attracting attention as the next generation lights.

Because ‘Electrodeless fluorescent lamps’ have no firmament in the emission tube like fluorescent and mercury lamps, they are the second-generation style lights with a new emission system which last forever.

Electrodeless fluorescent lamps live innovatively long, they last 16 years (approx. 60,000 hours) based on 10 hours a day use.  That is five times the usage potential of mercury lamps that are used in high ceiling warehouses.  Power consumption is one-third that of mercury lights and that is a huge merit being able to cut the power bill and the bulb replacements by such a large amount.

Also, another key feature for these lamps is the ability to turn on and off and back on instantly.  Also, the generating temperature of the lamp heat is a relatively low temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Celsius.  For these reasons, compared to mercury lamps (the generating temperature is 300 to 400 degrees Celsius which is very high.) that cannot be turned back on after being switched off until the temperature is low enough, the cost of the air conditioning can be cut down significantly.  Because of the high energy savings potential, these lamps are drawing huge attention as a replacement of mercury lamps.